martes, 27 de noviembre de 2007



The following project this based on which is the life of the adolescents who suffer anorexy then since to be in a situation like those it is very difficult reason why I have tried to investigate more than it has been possible to try to help these girls who do not have a easy life since the anorexy is a nutritional upheaval that goes beyond a simple economic position and of the labels that the society gives then since the problem of the anorexy is a self-esteem problem that besides to damage all your organism damages your sentimental life and it takes to you until the death is why one of the objectives of this project is to do that DES tells you that letting eat to be thin is not the best thing and than there are other alternatives like making exercise that in these times seems that the Mexican no longer has time nor to breathe and the exercise is very important asi like a diet balanced without letting eat, but in summary the anorexy is a disease that is due to avoid and to obtain it we must even inquire but into which it is said that wa.

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